Friday, 5 March 2010

Submission Day!

I had problems rendering the end part of our animation for the digital environment assignment today and last night. When I came into college this morning I thought that the problem was just/mainly that my laptop as it is quite old couldn't manage the Maya file. I found out later that the texture files were too big and that we had not cleared some of the items history. Because of this time was spent with Clym's help (which was very much appreciated) trying to quickly sort it all out so that the file could be handled. We also needed to make it so that the lighting took up less memory.
Because of this the "sky clouds and fog" and the "fence" that I created and the "bench" that Guy made and some other items could not be used because they increased the file size. Also the window and some other objects had to have their texture removed.
So over all a lot had to be done to avoid the computers crashing.

Another problem started then, when that was sorted out. Maya was showing messages saying that the file could not be rendered because there were too many render files. So I tried a different computer but the problem was still occurring.
The problem was solved after about five different attempts with the help of Steve. When it was solved I was logged in on Fahren's computer account on a different desktop, but then it was a bit too late to start the render.
I was disappointed as I really wanted to solve the problem for my group. I do think that I have learnt a lot from today though particularly about the importance of downsizing a Maya file and keeping it clean which then makes rendering faster and easier.

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