Sunday, 21 February 2010

Progress Update: Modeling Church Exteriour

Here is a close up of the fence that I have just made to go around the garden of the church

Here you can see how I changed the shape design from how it was at the beginning. When I look back at the original (bottom pictures) I feel quite pleased at how it has progressed.

Here in this picture (left) is a screen shot of the new roof that I made for the church. I wanted it to look like it has changed shape over time and was not built as perfect as it would be now.

I have now added more lines onto the church building (interior and exterior) so that its easy for my team to add cut out gaps in the building and add in the windows

I have now decided to make the the church tower go higher and I have now started to add a roof.

I have now made the church like it is in my original design (the texture will not get used)
When I have been looking at it I am not been very pleased with how it looks. I think it is too much like a block and I also think that the tower part looks too wide and also it is not high enough.

Here (left) as you can see I wanted to make it a cross from birds eye view.

I have now started to create the castellated edge for the church tower.

Here as you can see on the left I have now made the basic shape of the church

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